Role models are admirable and inspiring figures, whom people go to seek answers when they feel uncertain or indecisive. Understanding how role models become who they are will provide insights and reflection on one's own values, beliefs, and visions.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, the current COO of Facebook, ranked sixth in the Fortunes’ Most Powerful Women 2016. She used to work as the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, and later vice president of global online sales and operations at Google. As one of the few leading female figures in technology, there are valuable lessons in her career and life that we can learn from.


“[People] are too worried about the upward trajectory and not enough about growth.”

Sandberg’s career path is growth-oriented; she chooses each step based on how much growing space and learning opportunity the company can provide her. says she. At the time when she joined Google and Facebook, both were still start-up companies. She had the long-term vision to embrace growth over money and fames.

“There is a negative correlation between likability and success for women.”

As a woman demonstrated with splendid achievement in her career, Sandberg also takes a strong stance in rising the public awareness of gender disparity. She founded, a website and program that promotes gender equality by bringing the two sexes together to support each other. Although the stereotypes about women are frustrating, Sandberg encourages women to pursue their dreams in which she believes that the gender gap will be closed by bringing close the ambition.

“It is the hard days [that] challenge you to your very core that will determine who you are.”

In 2015, Sandberg lost her husband. She was brave enough to talk about his death later in the Stanford Commencement speech to share the experience with the pre-adulthood. Loss will not be forgot, but it is also important to also realize that you cannot do much about it and carry on.

I would not fully agree with every opinion of Sheryl Sandberg, but I admire how she has lived her life wisely and engagingly. I love her opportunity- and challenge-seeking career, her devotion into what she believes, and her resilience when facing down turns. She takes every move with what she believes in and move with full devotion and determination.


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