When I think of a role model I often think of someone or a some group who was able to change the world in a positive way. This could be being the first to do something, or by going against society, or by putting others before themselves. For these reasons my role models are Marie Curie and the organization Doctors Without Borders.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born on November 7th 1867, a time when females were not seen as equal to men. She received general education at an early age and later obtained Licentiateships in Physics and Mathematical Science, then a Doctor of Science degree in 1903. Curie devoted her life to the use of radium, and how it can be used as a remedy. She won a Noble Prize in Physics in 1903 for the this work, and she also became the first woman to win a Noble Prize. Curie won a second Nobel Prize in 1911. ("Marie Curie- Biographical")

Marie Curie is a role model to me as I am woman looking to get into science, and Marie Curie pushed the boundary and was the first to show that women belong in the science field. She took a huge step for women, and was able to overcome all the obstacles that being a female during that time brought. Not only do I admire what she did for women, but I also admire her devotion to science and helping people. In World War I she devoted all her time to help suffering through her findings about radium ("Marie Curie- Biographical"). She was also a strong figure in pushing the government to fund more scientific labs and research projects. Marie Curie definitely changed the world in a positive way and this is why she is my role model.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit organization that brings doctors to victims of wars and major disasters. Their goal is to "create a new form of humanitarianism that would ignore political or religious boundaries, and prioritize the welfare of those suffering." ("Founding of MSF")

I call this organization one of my role models because it treats everyone the same, and gives help to those that are in need. Some of my strongest values are courage, kindness and equality and this organization demonstrates these three values. The doctors, nurses and other workers of this organization risk their lives everyday to help the less-fortunate. As someone who is slightly interested in medicine, I find this even more amazing. I believe Doctors Without Borders makes the world a little better everyday, and is an organization I aspire to become a part of in the future.

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