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Adam LZ is a YouTuber that is going to school while doing YouTube full time at the same time with usually daily uploads. He has about 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He rides bmx bikes, drives cars, makes vlogs, ect. He is close in my age and thus very relatable, but also for the fact that we share interests. He runs a website where he sells mostly clothes and bike parts. I have been subscribed to him for a long time, since before he hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and I am following him on his other social medias. Adam's channel's content is entertaining, educational in terms of life and peoples skills, and overall promoting that making the most out of life is the best thing you can do for yourself. Adam is balancing his life in a way that he may have fun, work, and be successful, all while staying happy and healthy.

I have watched Adam's channel grown over the years and how he has progresses and reached success, touching the lives of many people such as myself, and I can truly say I find his impact on my life to be very inspirational. I have watch his friendships progress, his relationship with his girlfriend, who is now his wife. Adam LZ is young, married, doing YouTube and going to school, this is very impressive in my eyes, and therefore I see him as the perfect person to look up to.

YouTubers are very influential in today's world, because of the way of the internet and how its users share ideas. YouTube videos reach the screens of almost everyone with access to the internet. It is probably the most used and practical means of sharing content online with others in terms of the way our attention span and ability to process information has be sculpted.

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