Three of the most crucial topics to get the most out of university for me, are budgeting, research opportunities, and time management. After researching these three topics here are some resources I found helpful.


---. University of Toronto. "Planning and Budgeting", n.d., Accessed 27 November 2016.

This website provides information on how to correctly plan and budget for a year or semester at university. It includes important dates for University of Toronto students, budgeting tutorials and budgeting templates.

This source is credible as it is an official University of Toronto webpage, and there are many other options to contact if any questions would arise from the website. It is also incredibly relevant as it gives hard information about budgeting and finances specific to University of Toronto, and it also gives the viewer tools that aid in creating a financial plan that works specifically towards them. Another useful thing about this webpage is that it is revised every year by academics.

Research Opportunities

---. University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science. "Life Science Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the St. George Campus", n.d., opportunities-at-the-st.-george-campus/. Accessed 27 November 2016.

This website is a collection of research opportunities in different life science faculties, affiliated hospitals, and more. The website includes lists of specific research programs, contact information, and links to find more specific information on the programs.

The website is useful for me as my goal for post-university will rely on programs like the ones that are listed on this website. It is a reliable source as it is an official University of Toronto website, that is updated regularly, and has a lot of contact information. It is relevant to the idea of "how to get the most out of university?" as this not only will allow students to gain future success, but success during their current academic period. Many students are unaware of the large amount of opportunities which makes this website incredibly valuable.

Time Management

---. Study Guide and Strategies. "Time Management", n.d., Accessed 27 November 2016.

This source is a database that collects different ways and strategies to study effectively. I mainly focused on the time-management section that gives suggestions to improve this skill in a list format, and also suggests different time management exercises.

This is a credible resource as there is an about page that explains the background of the database, contact information, as well as their own credible sources. It is relevant, as new information is always being added and their is an enormous amount of information that will aid students. The time management has plenty of suggestions so if one doesn't work there will surely be another one that does.