How to get the most out of university? is a resource collection page aimed at sharing strategies, best practices, and resources on getting the most out of your university education and for entering and sustaining a successful professional career.

Work-life Balance

___. "Life at UofT." Life at UofT. University of Toronto, n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2016.

Life @ UofT is a blog run by a group of bloggers from the Student Life Community Crew at University of Toronto St. George campus. With its goal of promoting healthy and engaging life style at University of Toronto, the blog highlights various aspects of student life in University of Toronto. From study tips to career advising, from social event experiences to growing-up moments, those relatable topics can connect students with the larger university community and encourage them to engage in activities outside classroom like the bloggers are trying to.

This blog has been running since October, 2008, with organized schedules and disciplines behind the scene. Every blogger writes one blog per week, and one blogger only writes about certain topics. Without further knowledge about the system behind, it has been effectively maintaining the quality and quantity of the blog for eight years, which makes it a credible resource.

Extra-curricular Activities

___. “Workshops.” The Blueprint Program| Student Life. University of Toronto, n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2016. 2016.

Blueprint is a program in University of Toronto that helps students discover learning opportunities available in campus through posting information about workshops outside of classroom. Without the need to participate in the actual program, anyone can access information about all the workshops around three campuses in the Blueprint Program website, and this information updates weekly.

This webpage is helpful to anyone who is willing to spend extra time in self-development. The information provided by the Blueprint Program is clear, organized, and thorough. It is divided into five categories for easier searching, and covers workshops held by all university organizations. There is also complete information about the topic, time, location and registration URL for each workshop, which saves reader a lot of research time.


___. “Mentoring.” University of Michigan Graduate School, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2016.

The authors, researchers and deans at the University of Michigan Graduate School, use their formal experience and knowledge to write this thorough mentorship guide to help graduate students develop success mentorship. It is a reliable source because it is published by stuffs from an educational institution who knows mentorship well. Although part of this guide is specifically written for graduate students, it works great as a general guideline for anyone who needs advice in mentorship. This guide is helpful to anyone who is considering or facing challenges in mentorships, as it discusses mentorship thoroughly from various aspects including challenges, responsibilities, and practices.

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