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This helpful article by The Telegraph provides useful study tips for time management and discusses the self-discipline that is needed after high school when entering university. I personally found myself resonating with the article and would recommend everyone to read it. The piece also provides insight as to how much independence students needs in order to be on top of their work, and insight as to how different teachers and professors are. Providing reliable sources and quotes, this is undoubtedly a trustworthy newspaper article to read for learning more about how to manage one's time management and develop the skills needed to take control of their education.

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Anyone in university has all had their fair share of experiencing Orientation if they chose to do so. Orientation is a huge stepping stone that most consider to be a very important process in going to university. This website run by the University of Toronto provides information on how to become an Orientation Leader or Coordinator and detailed information on where to apply and how. For people who are interested in getting more involved within University of Toronto, leadership opportunities, and meeting new people, this is the perfect chance to do all three things while helping students with an experience that all of us had to go through at the beginning of the year. In terms of credibility, it is inarguably reliable information coming straight from U of T's Opportunity Search database.

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One way to get the most out of your university experience is to study abroad! Students are offered the opportunity to enrich their academic experience while earning credit in an exciting new country over the summer. Students can pick from different countries or courses, and can find information on how to apply, due dates, information sessions, eligibility, costs, etc. on this website. It provides a brochure and flyer for upcoming programs that students can choose from. This website is run by the Professional and International Programs of University of Toronto.