How to get most out of university?

Time management

“Time Management: Beat Work Overload. Be More Effective. Achieve More.” Skills and Training from,

This website defines time management and lists ten common mistakes that one makes when managing his or her time. The author pinpoints the common mistakes the majority of people make when they try to improve their time management skills, and then suggests useful self assessment tests to supply with solutions. The self-assessment tests are very effective in highlighting the particular problems in the reader’s time management skills. Instead of listing the effective time management skills that appeals to the majority of the people, the results of this test shows the specific skills one should make according to the results of the test. In addition to these test, the author also highlights the main points of that particular page under key points. This feature wraps the content in the page smoothly and leaves the reader with a clear point of what the author is trying to say.


Shin, Laura. “How To Budget: A Simple, Flexible Method For Everyone.” Forbes,

This website page describes the 50/20/30 method in terms of managing one’s money effectively. The author notes the simplified method to divide up one’s money in an efficient way that can be flexible for anyone who is having difficulty budgeting according to one’s needs and wants. This page is useful for anyone, but especially to first year university students who are mostly experiencing their first time becoming independent from their parents, and to budget their own money without their parent’s guidance. The author’s thorough explanation also provides additional information for how the reader should plan out their budget efficiently. Even though the method listed on this page is not specific to university students, this is an effective strategy to keep in mind and refer to when allocating and noticing how much money should be spent in everyday life especially for first year university students who are trying to figure out a way to budget efficiently.

Looking Forward to Medical School

“OMSAS - Application Guide - Ontario Universities' Application Centre.” Ontario Universities' Application Centre,

This is the application website for applying to medical schools in Ontario. The pages in the website explain the skills required for students aiming to apply to medical school, in addition to useful links and requirements particular to each medical school, and application information. This website is unlike other websites that note the strategies and information to get into medical school because this is the official website to apply to medical school. Therefore, the links and the information they provide especially regarding the skills that are being seen in the application are accurate and reliable. Although this website is made generally for all students applying to Ontario medical school and therefore may not provide much more specific information such as the characteristics of each school, the effectiveness in its way to explain the basic process and requirement, and the reliability overcomes this limitation. In general, the website is very useful in figuring out not only the application process, and also demonstrating what skills that students should acquiring before they apply.